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If you’re longing for love and acceptance, you’re not alone. But a world filled with social media and superficial relationships leaves us more lonely than ever. At Jesus Disciples Centre, we believe every person needs community. So we provide a space where you can feel seen and known just as you are. You don’t need to hide behind filters because our community is built on the unconditional love of Jesus.

Follow-up Questions

Whether you’re fighting self-hatred or feel like you’ve messed up your life, Jesus already loves you. It’s hard to believe such grace is available in a culture that attacks every mistake, but Jesus isn’t like that. His love doesn’t require you to get your act together first. He offers grace freely and promises to help you when you ask.

Sometimes we make choices we’re not proud of, which puts distance between God and us. God doesn’t force anyone to worship Him, but there can’t be two leaders in charge. If you’re done making a mess of your life, and you’re ready to do it God’s way, starting a relationship with God is easy. Just tell Jesus you want to accept His salvation from your sin. He already paid the price, and He’s waiting with open arms for you to come to Him. Our community at JDC offers a place where you can learn more and grow closer to Him.

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