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Our world is filled with empty promises, guaranteeing happiness if you lose weight or build a six-figure business. Every advertisement promises to solve your problems with one perfect product. But, unfortunately, hope is expensive to chase.

With more hopeful promises than ever before, why are depression and anxiety on the rise? Maybe none of these empty promises offer the real answer.

If you’ve ever struggled with depression, anxiety, self-hatred, loneliness, or addiction, you know how easy it is for hopelessness to put a dark cloud over your life. God created us to crave more. We need purpose and fulfilment and hope that only comes from Him.

Jesus is the only one who can overcome death and conquer the horrible effects of sin and evil. He can make broken people whole again. He can restore relationships that seem irreparable. He promises that he will fix everything wrong in the world, and He never makes empty promises. One day there will be no more pain or death anymore, and until then, He offers to begin transforming your life today through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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