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More than anything else, most of us want to live peaceful, happy lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where that’s hard to do. There are a million things to worry about, and every scary headline published adds to the list. 

When sin entered the world, the world changed. Now people are hungry for power and will do anything to get what they want. The world became filled with fear, desperation, hatred, jealousy, and horrible atrocities. As a result, we are constantly scared of what next could go wrong. Having peace is hard when the world is full of danger and chaos.

This was never how God wanted the world to be. Jesus cares deeply about unimaginable scenarios like war, famine, poverty, abuse, and violence caused by evil people. The Bible shows that God provides for those who are outcast, overlooked, or oppressed. He is more powerful than all evil. So even when we’re scared, we can trust Him to provide for our needs, protect us from danger, and stick up for us when we’ve been hurt. Over 365 times in the Bible, He says we don’t need to fear. He is a good God, and He will take care of us.

So when you’re overcome by anxiety, Jesus promises He is with you. He can provide peace beyond your understanding and joy that can’t be taken away. He sees every moment you have ever been wronged, and He can heal your hurt. He provides supernatural power and strength, and He promises a future when He will correct all wrongs, remove all suffering, and destroy everything that’s not good and beautiful 

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